Naïo Technologies organizes FIRA, the first International Forum of Agricultural Robotics

Toulouse – France
October 24, 2016

On November 18 & 19th, 2016, French agribot start-up Naïo Technologies organizes the first edition of FIRA, the International Forum of Agricultural Robotics in Toulouse, France. The goal of this unique event is not only to introduce Naïo’s range of agricultural robots; FIRA is designed to reunite key players in the field of agricultural robots to imagine the agriculture of the future. On stage you’ll find Oz, Ted and Dino, followed by lightning talks from agricultural innovators Bosch, Sony, Fendt… and a barcamp on tomorrow’s agricultural robots... The whole event will be live streamed on YouTube for everyone to share. Stay tuned!

#FIRA2016 Agricultural Robotics: discover, imagine and share

« The idea behind FIRA is not merely to introduce our robots to the international community, the event is designed to allow key players in the field of agricultural robotics to meet up and work together on innovative ideas», explains Gaëtan Séverac, Naïo Technologies’ COO. «There are quite a number of events and scientific conferences on agricultural innovation but we couldn’t find a professional and industrial event that was dedicated to agricultural robotics in particular », adds Aymeric Barthes, the company’s CEO.

FIRA addresses the need to understand and anticipate the challenges of the agribot sector. Farmers, industrial players, researchers, advisors, journalists… the agribot sector appeals to all and everyone’s always eager to learn more! FIRA 2016 addresses the 3 following themes:

Naïo Keynote – Vision, new agricultural robots and pre-orders

Agricultural technology start-up Naïo Technologies organizes a keynote to present their vision of tomorrow’s agriculture: a pioneer approach that combines environmental concerns and access to healthy food with a reduced workload for farmers thanks to innovative robotics.

During the keynote speech, Naïo will also introduce their entire range of agricultural robots, which includes some new additions, and offer the possibility to pre-order new robots.

#FIRA2016 – Speakers

#FIRA2016 – Schedule

Friday, November 18th :

Saturday, November 19th :

  • 9 am – 6 pm: BARCAMP WORKSHOPS


The entire schedule can be found here:

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About Naïo Technologies

Created by robotics engineers Gaëtan Séverac and Aymeric Barthes in 2011, Naïo Technologies is an Agtech company based in Toulouse which designs, manufacturers and markets agricultural robotics solutions co-built with farmers and consumers. Being people- and environmentally-friendly, these weeding robots can, in particular, compensate for the lack of an agricultural workforce, reduce the drudgery linked with some agricultural tasks and limit the need for chemical inputs. To date, nearly 150 robots are in circulation worldwide, including Oz, designed for diversified market gardeners, Dino for weeding mound-grown vegetables and Ted, for wine growing.