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Delivering agricultural robotic solutions



Delivering Agricultural robotics solutions

Pioneer in agricultural robotics solutions, Naïo Technologies provides robots for easier farming.

Precision is important for organic farming. Thanks to Oz, we can reduce working on the soil and have precise mechanical weeding.

Matthieu F. Multi-crop market gardener - Téthieu Eco-farm / Landes

In four hours, it can do the work that one person would normally do in two days.

Franck E. Market gardener // Centre Val-de-Loire

I’m impressed by its ability to differentiate crops from weeds and to navigate precisely within the overgrown plots.

Mark S. Researcher at the University of Arizona // Arizona - USA

Having become more familiar with the machine, we have learned to use Dino on plots where there are more weeds than average. The precision of Dino’s weeding is very satisfactory, not to say impressive.

John P. P&C Farms - California - USA

The Naïo team is always available to adapt the robot to the farm’s needs. I’m quite surprised how easy it is to use. You can quickly learn to control the robot with very little training.

Didier G. Delegated General Manager at Château d’Arche // Gironde region // Nouvelle Aquitaine

I’m very happy with the work done: Ted even goes looking for weeds where our traditional inter-vine tools don’t usually go!

Matthieu G. Estates Manager at Les Grands Chais de France - Château de la Galinière // Provence

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Offering practical and durable solutions to agriculture is the objective of Naïo Technologies.