The farming assistant for time-consuming and arduous tasks









Save time

Oz works completely autonomously thanks to its RTK GPS guidance system. Free up time for other tasks!

User friendly

An easy-to-use tool that brings peace of mind to operations management.

Save money

Oz reduces the risk of loss of production and therefore helps to secure operating income.

250 circulating Oz Robots

68 000 accumulated working hours

48 countries where Oz can be found

Technical specifications

Length 130 cm

Width 47 cm

Height 83 cm

Work output 1000m²/hour

Weight 150 kg

Energy 100% electric

Autonomy Up to 8 hours
according to the terms of use

Motorization 4 wheels driving

Traction 300 kg

Made in France

Speed Up to 1.8 km/h

Navigation RTK GPS

I bought the version of Oz with the camera and lasers 3 years ago. Since last March, it has been fitted with GPS for greater precision. This has revolutionised the way it works: I’m very happy with it! There’s a huge gain in time, as well as the rows being cleaner.

Antoine H.Market gardener in Saint-Etienne-Au-Temple / Marne

Precision is important for organic farming. Thanks to Oz, we can reduce working on the soil and have precise mechanical weeding.

Matthieu F.Multi-crop market gardener - Téthieu Eco-farm / Landes

Thanks to the robot’s development and its RTK GPS guidance, it’s perfect! Many fewer constraints, no more stoppages for a blade of grass, quite simply a joy! We can really leave it to work alone and it’s changed our lives.

Alexis L.Multi-crop market gardener - EARL LES JARDINS DE PURNAUD // Nouvelle Aquitaine

It’s a tool with a future, so you have to give it an opportunity. My grandfather was the first in this community to have had a tractor. At the time, everyone told him “That won’t be of any use and nowadays everyone has one…

Valentin G.Organic market gardener - Le Jardin de Valentin // Nouvelle Aquitaine

After having studied the cost price of weeding on the farm and tested Oz on our land, we decided to go for it!

Ronan J.Gentié Vine Nursery // Nouvelle Aquitaine

We had great difficulty controlling the grass growing on our plots, so we made the choice of acquiring Oz and we have practically eradicated all our mulching. At the beginning, Oz had to be adapted, but the results are there; it’s much more efficient than us and we have been able to control the weeds.

Solan L.Market gardener - LE POTAGER DE SAINT HELENE // Brittany

Thanks to the work done by Oz, the soil is more alive and I feel that the wicker is in better condition and less sensitive to diseases, plus we no longer use chemical weedkillers.

Patrick B.Wicker producer - Osier du Gué Droit - // Centre Val-de-Loire

In four hours, it can do the work that one person would normally do in two days! Before, we often had to come here on Sunday mornings because there was grass. Now, you can put it in front of the plot and it’ll do it on its own; we finish earlier in the evening too.

Franck E.Market gardener // Centre Val-de-Loire

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