Jo, the autonomous crawler for narrow vines


Save time !

Jo benefits from more than 10 years experience in guidance system. It follows its lines with accuracy and reliability, allowing you to free driver’s time and spend it on other more valuable tasks.

Easy shipping

Thanks to its narrow size, you can carry Jo with a trailer or a small truck. It has a compact U-turn path, that is perfect for vineyards with a lot of little fields.

Versatility for vineyard

Based on a well-known vineyard crawler design, Jo can carry the same tools as the ones you already use. The optional additionnal battery and the electrical output allows you to use electrical tools !

Technical specifications

Motorization 100 % electrical : 2 3000 W - 48 V enginesbattery and the electrical output allows you to use electrical tools !

Autonomy Standard : 3 batteries 200 Ah (16 kWh) Option : 4 batteries 200 Ah (21 kWh) More than 8 h work length following the used tools and field conditions. Iron-Phosphat Lithium batteries

Weight 850 kg (empty with 3 batteries)

Width 68 cm

Speed 2,2 km / h maximal speed in autonomous work.

Navigation GNSS RTK guidance system. Naïo’s autonomous work system (guidance, safety, remote control)

Safety Autonomous machine, Safety system with bumper and et geo fencing module.

Traction Compact U-Turn (3m. depending tools).

Work output Removable electrical tool-carrier, 250 kg lift capacity. Electrical output for tool pluging.