Oz pre-order

The pre-order allows you to book a robot in our production line. In this way, we guarantee you a fast delivery at the right time. Our local dealer will finalize the order with you and adapt the offer to your own situation and specification.

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Oz & Go Offer

Oz Robot 9,950€ excluding taxes

Technical & Services Pack | Annual Fees 3,600€ excluding taxes

  • Oz robot
  • Tools' Pack
    • The tools' pack will be defined with our local dealer in order to adapt it to your crops and soil
  • Annual Battery & RTK GPS Antenna hire
  • Services' Pack
    • RTK GPS correction subscription
    • SIM and Data cell phone connectivity
    • Hotline accessible every day of the week
    • Online training sessions
    • Naïo Mapping Service with GPS RTK correction
    • Access to the NaïoMap app
    • Software updates
Book it now and receive Oz quickly 500€ Deposit*

*Your deposit will be 100% refunded if you cancel the order up to seven days before the delivery.