Interview Presentation – Agri Precision

Can you please introduce your company ?

Company AGRI-PRECISION s.r.o. was established in 2011 with the mission to bring to the farmers new technologies mostly based on GPS systems and advanced automation of agricultural production. We are focusing on technologies and products, that are independent on machinery producers and are offering single platform for the farmers. One of our motto is, that we are able to install whatever technology into whatever agricultural machine. Currently we are active in Czech and Slovak republics covering both countries from sales through installations to after sales service of our products.  Because the structure of farming in our teritory is very different to western Europe (large scale farming), we have to act differently in terms of product and services portfolio.

1.      How do you see your contribution in Agriculture in your country?

We are and trying to be a technology leader in our teritory. We are here for farmers, that need uniffied technology cross the farm machinery, that need custom sollutions, that need advanced sollutions. All with perfect remote and on site services.

2.      Why did you decide to work with Naïo-Technologies?

We do see autonomous field robots as logical continuation of navigation and steering systems we are dealing today. Why we decided for NAIO? We see products of NAIO ready or very close ready for the market. Areas  of agriculture where NAIO is aiming are very close for us also and see here, that autonomous robots will be able to work in daily praxis very soon here.

3.      What are the benefits Naïo’s robots will bring to farmers?

NAIO robots will replace workers doing hard manual and important tasks. There is trend, that these workers are missing  more and more on the market. Robot can do the jobs more precise with addition of collection data etc. Farmer can focus on more important tasks and must not organise and supervising a lot of workers.

4.      How to you see agricultural practices in Czech Republic in the upcoming years ?

Czech Republic is very specific in agricultural practices in EU. There are a lot of mid size and large farms. The way of working is more common to Russia and USA, but with EU rulles. The average farm size in Czech is c 130 ha (in EU it is c. 18 ha) So the economical advantages of automatisation and robots is very high. We see massive move and investments in this area in coming years in all agriculture divisions.