What do we prepare to you for 2015: Robots for vineyard and field crops!

Hello everyone,

We are still working to surprise you and help you in your most strenuous work, and for 2015, in addition to gardening, we have two beautiful projects on other crops:

– A robot for the vineyards:

In collaboration with the LAAS-CNRS et l’IVF Midi Pyrénées, we are currently developing a robot for the maintenance of the vine.

– A robot for field crops:

In collaboration with the company Carré, European leader in mechanical weeding, we work on an autonomous robot that can pass over the crops for mechanical weed control and analysis via the data collection.

If you have questions or expectations on any of these items, please contact us. And then we are back to work for lots of pictures and videos to show you in 2015!

See you soon!