Ted, in the middle of a demo marathon!

Un marathon de démos pour Ted !

In September 2020, we unveiled the brand new version of Ted, our autonomous straddling robot for vineyards. Owing to the health crisis, we’ve had to wait more than a year for it finally be on view revealing its brand new look! The summer of 2021 has signalled the start of a demo marathon for Ted. Let’s look back together at its first steps in public and its forthcoming promotional tours.

Many of you have been following us on social networks and at the end of 2020 discovered the official release of the second version of the Ted robot specially for vines. In the current context, we have redoubled our efforts to unveil to you its technological improvements via videos, photos, webinars and virtual trade shows. That’s fine, but while on-screen is good, in reality it’s even better!

On your marks, get set, go!

The improvement in the health climate and the arrival of summer 2021 have echoed the launch of a demo marathon for our friend Ted. Fitted with new features which considerably improve the mechanical weeding experience, it was time to show you what he’s capable of in action!

Ted began his tour in the Gard department on 30 March 2021, with our dealer Nova. Our viticulture robot Ted carried out his first soil work fitted with mechanical finger-weeders. It was able to give a live demonstration of its efficiency and how it can be used as a truly autonomous tool.


He then travelled up to the Bonne Terre Agricultural College in the department of Hérault, with the support of our dealer Groupe T3M. Once on the road, he travelled to the Pyrénées Orientales, then to the Gironde region to the Agricultural College in Libourne Montagne with Claas Aquitaine.

Enjoying being in touch with the soil, Ted continued his way around regions as varied as the Bordeaux (Médoc and Saint Émilion), the Cognac region, Burgundy, the area around Mâcon, the Côtes du Rhône, Languedoc, Vaucluse, Aude and the Var.


Ted’s tour continues

In three months, Ted has carried out nearly thirty demos. Whether private, public, with our dealers, at our clients, with CUMA [French co-operative organisation for the use of farming equipment] or Chambers of Agriculture, we have been proud to be able to introduce you to our new version of Ted. Don’t worry: his tour is not yet over!

The viticulture robot is scheduled to explore new sectors including the Loire Valley, Champagne and Sancerre and also Germany. It will travel many kilometres from June to September, beginning with the Château de Cassaigne on 25 June!

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While you’re waiting, have a look back at some pictures of demos carried out by Ted, our straddling robot for vineyards