Oz returns revitalised 

Since it was first commercialised some seven years ago, our Oz robot has evolved significantly.

Most recently, at the start of this season, we equipped Oz with a GPS RTK guidance system, a completely unique mechanism for a weeding robot that has been designed so it can be used with a range of crops.

A navigation system by GPS RTK

This mechanism overcame the limitations that had previously been noted with our Oz model (reliability of automatic U-turns, detection of very young or unequal crops, etc.). The RTK system stops the robot from making any deviations, and ensures a more precise and reliable navigation system.

This new navigation system also saves time with setup, which has now been reduced down to just 10 minutes, as well as saving time while operating, since Oz is more autonomous and thus requires less monitoring by the farmer.

Oz, a robot more flexible

Overall, it is now more flexible, and allows the robot to be used for larger fields and for a wider range of crops, whatever stage they are at: vegetable farming, production of seeds or specialised crops.

The GPS will allow you to configure the path in a more personalised way, so you can seed and trace furrows automatically, without the soil needing to be tagged or marked.

This completely transforms the user experience because the farmer can create a map in advance, either directly with the robot or using the RTK antenna.

All of our Oz robots will come equipped with this system. Despite the lockdown, we have been able to begin fitting this for our clients, and after a few weeks of use we have had very positive feedback: testimony coming soon!