Gold Award for Oz, the autonomous robot for agriculture

Gold Award for Oz, the autonomous robot for market gardeners

Toulouse – France
May 20th, 2021

The German Innovation Awards 2021 organization, awarded Oz, the agricultural robot from Naïo Technologies with the Gold Award! A first distinction in the Machinery and Engineering category for this versatile robot which assists already several hundreds of farmers in their daily activities.

The first position for Oz

The jury has awarded at the first position, Naïo Technologies and its robot Oz in the Machinery & Engineering category for outstanding achievements within the agricultural sector.

The German Innovation Awards honour products and solutions across sectors, which differ from previous solutions mainly by being user-centred and offering added value. They do so because there are innovations in all sectors that shape the future and improve life. Sometimes you see them at first glance – but often not. The German Innovation Awards aim to change that. They make great achievements visible to a wide audience and ensure successful positioning in the market.

The jury is made up of independent, interdisciplinary experts from industry, science, institutions and finance. The entries are evaluated based on the criteria: level of innovation, user benefits and efficiency. The innovation strategy should take into account aspects such as social, ecological and economical sustainability and the use of energy and resources.

Oz, a versatile robot

Oz is a versatile robot which assists farmers in daily activities like sowing, hoeing, weeding, transporting, etc. CE certified, easy to use, 100% electric and precise, Oz already convinced 150 farmers, market gardeners and other specialized crops producers around the world. Thanks to its new 2020’s guidance system based on RTK GPS, farmers can conduct very precise operations, like mechanical weeding between 2 to 5 cm from the crop row, avoids the use of herbicides and reduce soil compaction.

This new RTK version allows them to cover a wide set of operations: tillage, sowing, making furrows, planting, hoeing, weeding, harrowing, ridging, or transporting.

Naïo Technologies’ robots are now operating in many international countries and its position on the German market is growing even faster.

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Naïo Technologies is a French AgTech company that was founded in 2011 by robotic engineers Aymeric Barthes and Gaëtan Séverac. The company, based in Toulouse, France, designs, manufactures and markets farmbot solutions in close collaboration with farmers. Their weeding robots respect both the environment and man: they provide a solution to tackle farm worker shortage, reduce the strenuous physical workload, and reduce the need of chemicals. To date, nearly 150 Naïo robots tackle weeding issues across the world.