“Agriculture is facing technological challenges nowadays”

Maurice Gohlke is speaker at FIRA – Intenational Forum of Agricultural Robotics – that will take place 18-19 November 2016 in Toulouse (France). The Robotics Software Engineer at Bosch DeepfieldRobotics explains his vision of tomorrow’s agriculture. 

The importance of robotics is growing in agriculture: what are the main challenges nowadays?

The technical challenges that we are facing today are mobility and power-consumption, collision and tool safety, geofencing, handling of large data volumes and the interaction between UAVs, UGVs, stationary sensor systems and humans. On top of that, society will need to approve of such technologies: norms, regulations and habits will have to adapt accordingly.

In your opinion, which role will robots play in agriculture in the future?

I believe that smart robots –with the help of networks of sensor systems– are the key to sustainable and efficient farming.

Please name a famous robot that has inspired you.

I am inspired by the Bosch Indego, the small robotic lawnmower who is persistently working outside to make sure that your lawn is always perfectly cut. We hope to revolutionize farming by making larger robotic systems, that are just as reliable and durable as the Bosch Indego.

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