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Category: Ted Robot - Vineyard

On November 17, 2020

A future wine growing partnership with the Ouvrard Group

Ted is starting to be emulated. Two robots are now working in the Cognac zone and the region of Beaune respectively, under the stewardship of the specialist teams of the Ouvrard Group (Ouvrard Charentes and Ouvrard Granday), distributors of agricultural equipment. Pascal Legrix, director of the company in Charente and Charente-Maritime, passes on to us
On October 16, 2020

Ted travels from the 11th to the 21st century at the Domaine de Lavauguyot

The Domaine de Lavauguyot is a wine-growing estate located in the region of Haut Poitou. It is part of the Ampelidae Group and now covers around twenty hectares. They follow a mix of tradition, respect for nature and the latest current wine-growing techniques there. At the centre of the estate sits a manor house built
On August 10, 2020

Ted in a private demonstration in the vineyards of Saint-Emilion

The partnership formed with CLAAS Aquitaine is coming to fruition in the Bordeaux region with Ted. Two large Saint-Emilion estates have been able to benefit from customised demonstrations: at Château Cheval Blanc and Château-Figeac. The constant search for innovative solutions to produce these Premiers Grands Crus Classés is something they both share. The spokesmen for
On July 16, 2020


The Château d’Arche estate is betting on Ted to maintain its exceptional environment  The high-clearance weeding robot Ted is continuing its expansion among wine-growers in the Bordeaux region. In order to accelerate its action to protect biodiversity, the Château d’Arche estate has chosen Ted to reach its sustainable development goals. This is the chance to better understand the motivation of
On June 5, 2020

Ted robotics at the heart of the strategy of Grands Chais de France

Grands Chais de France (GCF) group is the top private wine grower in France, exporting 80% of its production to more than 170 countries. The family-owned company owns wine estates covering more than 3,000 hectares. A Naïo Technologies partner for more than 2 years, it has recently been working with a second Ted robot at
On May 15, 2020

Ted, our vineyard robot, has been selected for the DEPHY-EXPE project!

Ted has been designed to mechanically manage and weed soil mounds around vines. It has been selected by the French Institute of Vines and Wine (IFV) to be tested on DEPHY-EXPE farms as part of the Ecophyto plan. Three project managers outline what expectations they have for our vineyard robot in these experiments. Ted selected
On April 14, 2020

Ted is on the road!

Our robot, Ted, has been on the road through the vineyards for two seasons now. No fewer than twenty Ted robots now accompany our wine-growing partners. Drawing on all the feedback we have received, we were able to look back on the many steps taken. Autumn 2017: our team of Naïo engineers, at the time
On April 14, 2020

How to avoid compacting vineyard soils?

Caused by the constant passage of machinery during wine-growing operations, compacted soil may affect yield in the long-term. What levers can wine-growers implement to limit soil capital deterioration? Opting for equipment well-suited to their agricultural operations, the possible use of robotics, etc.: to ensure optimal efficiency, their strategy must be a holistic one. “Compaction disturbs
On January 15, 2020

Ted vine weeding robot takes up residence at the Domaine Cazes – South France

Since the start of autumn 2019, Ted, our autonomous vine weeding robot has taken up residence at the Domaine Cazes in Roussillon. This organic vineyard managed exclusively using biodynamic methods that benefits from Biodyvin certification has served as a platform for research and innovation on environmental issues for many years. The perfect place to test
On January 6, 2020

TED participates in the revival of the Val de Loire vineyard

The cooperative group Terrena (behind the La Nouvelle Agriculture brand) has been conducting trials in the Grand Ouest region of France for more than 10 years, to develop more sustainable agricultural practices, respectful of our ecosystems. For vineyards, this includes research into alternatives to chemical weeding. It was therefore inevitable that TED would get involved!