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On January 15, 2020

Ted vine weeding robot takes up residence at the Domaine Cazes – South France

Since the start of autumn 2019, Ted, our autonomous vine weeding robot has taken up residence at the Domaine Cazes in Roussillon. This organic vineyard managed exclusively using biodynamic methods that benefits from Biodyvin certification has served as a platform for research and innovation on environmental issues for many years. The perfect place to test
On January 6, 2020

TED participates in the revival of the Val de Loire vineyard

The cooperative group Terrena (behind the La Nouvelle Agriculture brand) has been conducting trials in the Grand Ouest region of France for more than 10 years, to develop more sustainable agricultural practices, respectful of our ecosystems. For vineyards, this includes research into alternatives to chemical weeding. It was therefore inevitable that TED would get involved!
On November 18, 2019


A few weeks before SITEVI, the major gathering for the wine-making sector, October has been fruitful for demonstrations of our TED robot! A look back at thee demonstrations in Languedoc: at Innov’Action 2019 with our partner Arterris (11), followed by a day on soil preparation at our partner Les Grands Domaines du Littoral (30), and,
On October 9, 2019

Tillage under vines : weeding in transition

In-row tillage is becoming more popular among the wine-growers who use it as an alternative method to chemical weeding. This requires that the farmers have a sound knowledge of the agronomic issues and can adapt the technical itineraries as working methods. For nearly 10 years, weeding practices in the French vineyards have been lying at
On September 4, 2019

TED at the heart of a multi-partner project in Monbazillac

#Ted in the West – Part 2 Very active in the southwest of France, Ted, the weeding robot, is involved in two major research and development projects in partnership with wine cooperatives in Gironde and Dordogne. The aim is to give producers the opportunity to test an alternative to existing weeding methods, under real operating
On July 8, 2019

Univitis installs Ted at Chateau Les Vergnes

#Ted in the west – Part 1 Very active in the southwest of France, Ted the weeding robot is now involved in two major research and development projects in partnership with wine cooperatives in Gironde and Dordogne. The goal: to give producers the opportunity to test, under real operating conditions within their vineyards, an alternative
On May 22, 2019

TED robot weeds Château Angélus vineyards

The Château Angélus vineyard in Saint Emilion has been converting to organic since 2018, but had already banned chemical weedkillers for several decades. Historically, Angélus vines are weeded and maintained using active and passive mechanical tools. Naïo’s TED robot has recently been added to the tool pool to contribute to strategic inter-vine maintenance. Naïo Technologies’
On April 24, 2019

Ted shows vineyard weeding skills to 500 Bordeaux wine growers

In April 2019, the cooperative winery of Tutiac organized a demo for innovative soil equipment for wine growers from the Bordeaux area. Under a radiant sun, Ted, our vineyard weeding robot was alternatively fitted with Kress finger weeders and interplant blades. The robot worked the vine rows all day long, under the watchful eye of over
On March 28, 2019

TED’s linkage system : the Bernardoni company

What would our TED vineyard robot do without its tools to work the soil? We honestly haven’t got the faintest idea because it has a bunch. To make sure TED was fitted with the best equipment and tools, we contacted some expert companies to help us out. Among them is the Bernardoni company, who designed a custom
On January 4, 2017

Naïo designs new robots to weed vineyards

It’s official: Naïo Technologies has become a sustainable partner for the wine industry! Naïo Technologies’ two new robots are designed to control weeds in vineyards. Ted is a straddling robotic weeder whereas Bob runs on tracks to easily tackle slopes. Both robots were presented at the Vinitech-SIFEL International Fair 2016 at the end of November. During the event, Ted was awarded the