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Category: Naïo News

On June 5, 2020

Oz RTK is “stunning”!

Several weeks ago, we announced that our Oz robot had had a makeover! The new Oz.3 version, with its RTK GPS, has considerably widened its scope.  The first comments from farmers using Oz are very encouraging. The farmers all agree on one point: that the addition of RTK has revolutionised Oz’s use! “It’s super practical
On June 5, 2020

Naïo adapts to the Covid situation

Many events have had to be cancelled owing to the current health crisis, including the many demonstrations of our robots. It is for this reason that we have decided to maintain our demonstrations in spite of this unprecedented situation, while making some changes in our approach! We’re offering a new format and we’ve started the
On May 15, 2020

GOFAR, an association to promote the expansion of agricultural robots

The GOFAR association – Global Organization for Agricultural Robotics – was founded just one year ago by Naïo Technologies, Axema Promotion et Services and RobAgri. This initiative has a simple aim: structure the promotion of the agricultural robotics sector to accelerate its growth, and thus foster agricultural and ecological transition on an international scale. “Following
On May 15, 2020

Oz returns revitalised 

Since it was first commercialised some seven years ago, our Oz robot has evolved significantly. Most recently, at the start of this season, we equipped Oz with a GPS RTK guidance system, a completely unique mechanism for a weeding robot that has been designed so it can be used with a range of crops.  A
On May 15, 2020

Dino’s brand new mechanical weeding service: WAAS!

Dino is our autonomous mechanical weeding robot. It cultivates plots of lettuce, cabbages, leeks and other “green leaf vegetables”. It hoes multiple rows at the same time with heel sweeps or cultivator sweeps, and can also work between rows with Kress finger weeders. Several years of development and improvements later we can now utilize this
On May 15, 2020

Ted, our vineyard robot, has been selected for the DEPHY-EXPE project!

Ted has been designed to mechanically manage and weed soil mounds around vines. It has been selected by the French Institute of Vines and Wine (IFV) to be tested on DEPHY-EXPE farms as part of the Ecophyto plan. Three project managers outline what expectations they have for our vineyard robot in these experiments. Ted selected
On April 14, 2020

Dino is keeping busy in America

Dino has been on American soil for over a year now! It has only been a year and a half, and yet Naïo has already built up its name and reputation amongst local experts. Simon, our Naïo representative based in California, told us about these last few months with Dino – which have been bursting
On April 14, 2020

How to avoid compacting vineyard soils?

Caused by the constant passage of machinery during wine-growing operations, compacted soil may affect yield in the long-term. What levers can wine-growers implement to limit soil capital deterioration? Opting for equipment well-suited to their agricultural operations, the possible use of robotics, etc.: to ensure optimal efficiency, their strategy must be a holistic one. “Compaction disturbs
On April 10, 2020

Here goes the Oz with GPS RTK training course!

On 11, 12 and 13 March – just before the lockdown made its way into our personal and professional lives – we had scheduled a training session with our foreign partners, to prepare them for the arrival of our all-new Oz with GPS RTK guidance in their respective countries. The purpose of this training course
On January 6, 2020

Naïo is back from the Agritechnica 2019 international trade fair

On the theme “Global Farming, Local Responsibility”, this year’s Agritechnica trade fair was an essential stop-off for Naïo’s teams. Feedback on an intense week, packed with meetings and events, at which our work and vision were recognised! From 10 to 16 of November, a Naïo Technologies delegation was present at Agritechnica, the world’s leading trade