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Category: Agronomy articles

On February 3, 2020

Data analysis: the dawn of precision agriculture

Digital technologies are now part of everyday life for farmers: small and large agricultural businesses, young and not-so-young farmers, almost everyone is using them. The sector is therefore producing a wealth of data, which can be used to improve economic and environmental performance and guide decision-making. However, the digital transition is only just beginning, and
On January 6, 2020

Normalisation of agricultural robots: a question of performance and safety

The use of autonomous machines in fields poses safety questions, as for any traditional agricultural vehicle. Although the sector is already regulated by standards and regulations, these need to be adapted to the specific requirements of the new applications and technologies. A substantive work on normalisation is being carried out jointly by groups of manufacturers,
On November 18, 2019

Weeding lettuce crops: which techniques(s) to choose?

Soil preparation prior to planting, solarization, mechanical or robotised hoeing, manual weeding, and more, lettuce farmers juggle different approaches in order to find the best way to control weeds. And they are always searching for an optimal solution that is economically, environmentally and technically viable. Practices that are constantly changing Whether they work with conventional
On September 4, 2019

Agricultural workforce: the great challenge of the sector

Although the labour shortage is more significant in some sectors, trades and production types than others, it remains a reality for most farmers. However, things are progressively changing, with the sector undergoing major transition. Strenuousness, rural life’s lack of appeal, lack of training, wage level and a generational slump are among the many reasons put
On May 23, 2019

Weeding carrots, a nightmare in the field

For vegetable farmers who have carrot crops in the open field, weeding is very likely the most complex agronomic issue on their to-do list. In the current context, where phytosanitary products are limited in use, manual labour is short and where consumer expectations have evolved, the carrot sector is looking for new approaches to tackle
On May 20, 2019

Dino weeds garlic in French fields

Last April, Naïo’s Dino robot was invited by French farmer cooperative Valsoleil to show off its garlic weeding skills during a technical demo day. The Valsoleil Cooperative did not only bring together garlic farmers from the Drôme department, but also from the neighboring departments of the Tarn, the Centre and the Nord. Their presence highlights
On November 9, 2016

“Robots could carry out multiple agricultural tasks”

Thiemo Buchner is speaker at FIRA – Intenational Forum of Agricultural Robotics – that will take place 18-19 November 2016 in Toulouse (France). The Engineer-Searcher at AGCO Fendt explains his vision of tomorrow’s agriculture.    Robotisation is more and more present in agriculture, what are the main challenges today ? One of the main challenge is to provide robust
On October 31, 2016

“Agriculture is facing technological challenges nowadays”

Maurice Gohlke is speaker at FIRA – Intenational Forum of Agricultural Robotics – that will take place 18-19 November 2016 in Toulouse (France). The Robotics Software Engineer at Bosch DeepfieldRobotics explains his vision of tomorrow’s agriculture.  The importance of robotics is growing in agriculture: what are the main challenges nowadays? The technical challenges that we are facing
On October 10, 2016

Maurice Gohlke, Robotics Software Engineer – Bosch DeepfieldRobotics

Company Profile : “Bosch Deepfield Robotics is inspired to contribute innovative technologies towards a more sustainable and efficient farming. The corporate Start-up company was founded in 2014 combining the best of both worlds: The agility and flexibility of a Start-up allies with the technologies and the market access of a global High-Tech-Company. Deepfield Robotics provides