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Category: Oz Robot - Vegetables

On November 30, 2018

Weeding vegetable crops with the Oz robot – Testimonial part 2

Winter’s coming, so it’s time to visit Bastien again. Bastien is one of the 4 co-founders of the jointly run GAEC de la Ferme d’Agen, a vegetable farm in the French Aveyron department. The Oz weeding robot arrived on his farm the previous winter to mechanically weed vegetable crops. We met Bastien six months ago to collect his
On September 27, 2018

Weeding vegetables with the Oz robot – testimonial part 1

In the French Aveyron lies the jointly run vegetable farm of GAEC de la Ferme d’Agen. The GAEC covers six hectares, five of which contain vegetable crops, such as green beans, tomatoes, carrots, leek, fava beans, potatoes, spinach… The vegetables are sold directly to consumers at the farm shop and on local markets. Customers can even
On June 20, 2017

Agricultural Innovations: the robot Oz has its distributor in the United Kingdom

Since its creation, Naïo Technologies has always had the mission of developing agricultural robots to help farmers all over the world in their daily tasks with new technologies, while democratizing organic farming to make it healthier and more human. To this end, we have sought a new distributor to represent us in the United Kingdom
On June 14, 2017

The Oz weeding robot on a produce farm – testimonial

In the heart of the French Charente lies the produce farm of Jean-François, the associate manager of La Ferme des Merles. Jean-François recently acquired the Oz weeding robot to mechanically weed his 25 ha of vegetables and red berries. He talks about meeting Agrisem, Naïo Technologies’ local distributor, and why he purchased the robot to save time, money
On June 12, 2017

Oz, an easy way to mechanically weed osier willows

Besides weeding vegetable beds at produce farms, the Oz robot also efficiently tackles the weeding of less common crops. Patrick and Séverine, his wife, own osier willow farm Osier de Gué-Droit in the Lys Valley of the Paris basin.  They talk about their passion for osier and explain how Oz entered their lives.  The Osier de Gué-Droit willow farm
On April 26, 2017

An organic seed producer on using OZ

A seed producer’s testimonial on working with Oz In 2012, Lucien Laizé, a former water engineer, gave up his city lifestyle to take over his family’s seed production farm. To help him during production, he’s found an ally in Oz, Naïo Technologies’s weeding solution. His feedback after using Oz for a year. For this young
On April 19, 2017

The Oz robot, a new weeding solution

What’s it like to work with Oz A produce grower’s testimonial after his first year Franck Echard’s farm is located to the South of Paris, in the Touraine region. He shares his experience after one year of working with the Oz weeding robot. Franck manages a 7 ha farm and grows over 40 varieties of vegetables
On May 9, 2016

Naïo Technologies starts international expansion of agricultural robots

Following their successful fundraising campaign last December, which generated 3 million euros, French agribot start-up Naïo Technologies is now ready for international expansion. The growing sales team enables the robotics company to reach across French borders into other European countries and they also express their interest in the North American and Japanese markets. Naïo Technologies
On February 11, 2016

Oz 3D vision and visual odometer

Oz and the gift of stereoscopic sight and odometry Our Oz weeding robot has recently been equipped with two small cameras and has now the gift of sight ! Oz still uses its laser for further guidance but its stereo camera eyes now help it to adequately analyse its environment. It can now find low crops all by
On November 24, 2015

Oz weeding robot triples battery autonomy

In order to continuously perfect the Oz weeding robot, Naïo’s engineers have now tackled a key issue for agricultural robots, i.e. work autonomy. Autonomous agricultural robots, like Oz, that can weed by themselves for 3 hours straight are already a great accomplishment. However, after months of work on the integration of more effective batteries, the Naïo Technologies