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Category: Oz Robot - Vegetables

On June 5, 2020

Oz RTK is “stunning”!

Several weeks ago, we announced that our Oz robot had had a makeover! The new Oz.3 version, with its RTK GPS, has considerably widened its scope.  The first comments from farmers using Oz are very encouraging. The farmers all agree on one point: that the addition of RTK has revolutionised Oz’s use! “It’s super practical
On May 15, 2020

Oz returns revitalised 

Since it was first commercialised some seven years ago, our Oz robot has evolved significantly. Most recently, at the start of this season, we equipped Oz with a GPS RTK guidance system, a completely unique mechanism for a weeding robot that has been designed so it can be used with a range of crops.  A
On January 6, 2020

Oz in the Netherlands: taking stock of innovative agriculture with Abemec

Naïo’s long-standing supplier, and distribution partner in the Netherlands since the start of 2019, rapidly became the representative for our innovations on Dutch soil. Onsite demonstrations focusing on the market gardening robot Oz are already bearing fruit with its clients. Roel Van Erp, Head of Smart Farming at Abemec, discusses his reasons for taking a
On November 18, 2019

OZ weeds the Jardin de Valentin’s organic vegetables

Episode #2 A post-season look back in Saint-Georges to discover how the Jardin de Valentin is doing, where Oz has been running along the organic crop rows for a year now. Using the machine, adaptation of working days, ideas for improvements and future projects, the market gardener reviews this first year of cohabitation with his
On October 9, 2019

When seed production becomes robotized : meeting with Bejo

If there is any agricultural sector where innovation belongs, it must be seed production! For several years now, farmers, multipliers and seed companies have chosen to use Oz on their plots. Today, we are meeting with Jérôme Pain, Deputy Director of Operations at Bejo to learn more about his experience with Oz. Bejo and Oz: a long-standing relationship A long-time partner
On September 4, 2019

My Oz in Canada with GMABE

GMABE, distributor of Naio’s weeding robots since 2018 (we talked about it here), quickly opened the way of the Canadian market for Oz. Given a first client won over in New Brunswick, many demos and a substantive work alongside the administrative apparatus to help fund the robots, Benoit St-Laurent, President of GMABE, is convinced of
On July 18, 2019

OZ comes to the rescue of the ratatouille vegetables thanks to the new “LEAPING OVER GROWING BEDS” feature

Since it was first designed in 2013, Oz, the mechanical weeding robot, has continually improved to offer features that are always in line with the field requirements. Our clients from the market gardening sector have in common that they all grow very diverse crops… but each with their own diversity. This diversity implies new technical
On May 23, 2019

Weeding organic vegetables with the Oz robot

A year ago, Valentin Goutouly, a young organic vegetable grower, welcomed the Oz weeding robot to his farm. His parents are to retire soon and Valentin has one ambition: he wants to develop his organic farm while gaining time by getting rid of the mechanical hoeing process. Valentin’s organic vegetable farm : a family story
On April 29, 2019


Spring is here and the weeding season is well on its way now. Time for us to return to the French Aveyron region and see how Bastien Puech, one of the 4 co-founders of the GAEC de la Ferme d’Agen, is doing. Bastien has been using the Oz weeding robot since early 2018. The robot is now
On March 6, 2019

100th Oz robot sent into farm fields

The times when robots in farm fields were referred to as the “future of farming” lie behind us: a number of farmers have already included farmbots in their daily routine to automate part of their tasks. In this context, Naïo Technologies announces the shipment of their 100th Oz weeding robot during the International Agricultural Trade