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our mission

Naïo Technologies develops and markets robots for agriculture and viticulture. We also hold a range of electric tools for weeding, hoeing and harvesting to help farmers efficiently collect the fruit of their hard work.

Our robots assist farmers in their daily tasks in order to relieve their workload and increase profitability while reducing impact on the environment.

Aymeric Barthes,
Naïo Technologies Co-founder.

our philosophy

Over the last decades, farmland has been maintained and optimized using methods that negatively impact the environment. It’s becoming increasingly clear that current practices are gradually destroying our plant and animal heritage.

Naïo Technologies is convinced that modern technology will help turn the tables around. Our agricultural robots and hi-tech tools aim to increase productivity while respecting the environment and making agriculture more human again!

All our employees commit to these values during research and production and aim for a healthier and more durable approach to agriculture.

our ambitions

There’s no limit to our ambitions as long as they respect our values ! Naïo Technologies aims to make modern technology accessible to all farmers and agricultural businesses.

The entire range of Naïo Technologies robots and tools is dedicated to healthy and productive agriculture in full respect of the environment.

Gaëtan Séverac,
Naïo Technologies Co-founder.

our story

the creation of naïo technologies

Naïo Technologies is the result of two robotics engineers crossing paths. Gaëtan Séverac and Aymeric Barthes believe robotics offer a pertinent solution to the problems agriculture has to face today.

Our goal : offer practical and durable solutions to agricultural issues while reducing workload with autonomous tools for vegetable farmers and wine growers.

Over the years, Aymeric and Gaëtan have combined a team of experts in agricultural robotics with shareholders who share their convictions and understand the challenges of start-ups. Today, Naïo Technologies is both a human and technological adventure. Our company spirit advocates social responsibility (RSE): we strive to durably help farmers while respecting our customers, employees and suppliers and the environment and society as a whole.

These ideas summarize the spirit in which Naïo Technologies creates and markets its autonomous electrical robots today to assist farmers during their weeding and harvesting tasks.

naïo technologies



May 1st, 2010 : Asparagus Fair at Pontonx Sur L’Adour in France, where Gaëtan meets a vegetable farmer who discusses his daily problems.


The first prototypes of our agricultural robots and electric hoes are ready. First real live tests in the field and tool updates.


10 robots are weeding the fields in France. New prototype study for a weeding robot for industrial vegetable cultures. New 750K€ fundraiser via business angels and through a crowdfunding campaign to industrialize the manufacturing of Oz and launch its marketing.


Gaëtan Sévérac and Aymeric Barthes create Naïo Technologies. The company aims to create robotic solutions for durable farming.


Creation of the first functional prototype of the Oz weeding and hoeing robot. First demonstrations for vegetable farmers and official agriculture organisations in France…. and our first sale ! First 60 K€ fundraiser, resulting in sufficient love money to launch the production of our first series of Oz robots.


Some 30 Oz robots are scouring our customers’ fields. Study of a new prototype for a weeding robot for wine growers. New 3M€ fundraiser for the technical and commercial development of our robots in France and abroad.

naïo technologies

our projects

The future looks bright: our 3rd fundraiser got us started on the study of prototypes for large-scale vegetable production and vineyards. We’re strengthening our sales team and are also recruiting engineers to optimize industrialization and robot autonomy. 2016 will be the year of our national and international development.

Our goal is to market robots for industrial cultures, such as industrial vegetable farms and vineyards by 2018. However, our main objective remains to create innovative tools using modern technology to help farmers in their daily work while respecting the environment.

In the long run, we aim to provide access to healthy, environmentally friendly and abundant food to as many as possible ! The extra funds we collected will also help us anchor our societal responsibility strategy (RSE). We launched this approach in 2013 with the Palanca agency: life cycle analysis, supplier selection and societal optimization of the product.

What people say about us...

Testimonials from our investors




Aymeric Barthes

Nature, in all its shapes and colors, is what makes me happy. Even as a child, I was fascinated by soil and farming. I even tried to start a snail farm when I was little (my first company!). I've always been convinced that passion and commitment are the only way to happiness and self-achievement. I'm a robotics engineer from the IMERIR school in France (66). When Gaëtan mentioned his agricultural robotics idea to me, it seemed only natural for us to create Naïo Technologies together. There was no doubt in my mind, this is what I wanted: to help nature by creating robots to alleviate the farmers'  hard work without polluting the environment. In short, Naïo Technologies is not a job for me, it's my passion and I live it to the full.

Gaëtan Séverac

I grew up in Toulouse, France, where I obtained a university degree in industrial IT Services. I then attended the IMERIR robotics school in Perpignan, where I alternated studies with a job in a Toulouse lab for robotics research.  There, I worked on a European project involving communicating cars. Before I obtained my degree in robotics engineering, I also spent a year in Aalborg, Denmark, where I worked on an industrial mobile robot that was conceived to collaborate with the other tools in the factory. My thesis at ONERA in Toulouse talked about robotic spatial exploration and communication between heterogeneous robots. I'm sure you've got the gist by now: I'm a robotics enthusiast. After talking to a vegetable farmer about his daily challenges, it only seemed natural to me to try and help out using robotics. That's all it took to get Naïo Technologies started with Aymeric. I'm convinced that robotics are not just another tool. Robots are here to help improve working conditions while respecting the environment at the same time. With the help of the Naïo team, I'll do everything in my power to develop this technology throughout the world. On a more personal level, I thoroughly enjoy nature for hiking, diving or even a simple stroll through the woods. I also like to plant trees and harvest their fruit ... to cook up a good meal.