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Agricultural equipment


Automated robots and farming tools

Naïo Technologies creates and markets robots and agricultural equipment to help farmers save time in their fields and greenhouses. Our robots weed, hoe and monitor your plants to enable you to use your time more efficiently. Below you will find an overview of all our robots and equipment.

Oz Weeding Robot

Robotic market garden weeder
Oz is the first agricultural weeding robot we put on the market and we’re very proud of it! Oz loves to weed and automatically detects your type of soil and crop.

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Vineyard weeding robot - Ted

Weeding vineyard straddler
Ted is our vineyard robot for in-row weeding. This autonomous agricultural machine should include other functions, such as mowing, leaf thinning, trimming, etc.

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Large-scale weeding robot - Dino

Large-scale robotic vegetable weeder
Dino is a mechanical weeding robot for large-scale industrial vegetable crops, such as salads.

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